Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook

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Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook

Post by MaxYaffe » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:32 pm

We're just starting out with Opacus, Sugar 2.65, and Outlook 2010. I loaded the V.3 Opacus plugin and so far it seems to be more stable than the previous one.

There is one big problem. I have a personal email account and a company email account on Outlook. The personal one uses gmail and the company one our own Imap server. I want to inhibit Opacus from searching and archiving emails received and sent on the personal account. But sometimes individuals contact me on either account, say for example an employee who has some kind of personnel issue. I don't want that logged.

Is it possible to inhibit Opacus' access to the personal account email?


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