Opacus Archived Emails getting lost after Lead conversion

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Opacus Archived Emails getting lost after Lead conversion

Post by jobvector » Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:05 pm

Dear opacus Team,

If Emails are Archived to Suitecrm v7.5.1 (or Sugarcrm Versions) with the Opacus extension (1.0.2) for Thunderbird (38.7.2) there is some kind of problem with the Opacus imported emails.

After the Leads is converted to an Contact/Account the Opacus archived emails are not existing in the new Contact/Account. This bug does not occur with emails that were NOT archived with Opacus (created in suitecrm).

Here's the procedure:
> Creating a Lead
> Archiving e-mail from Thunderbird to the Lead
> Converting Lead in Contact & Account
The email does not appear in Contact or Account.
(CRM Convert Lead Option "move"/"copy" have the same results)

We noticed that the email (archived by Opacus) fields
"parent_type" and "parent_id" are empty in the database "emails" table. Even after filling the empty fields, we didn't get any positive results.

Kind Regards,

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