Show Opportunities Associated to Contact/Account

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Show Opportunities Associated to Contact/Account

Post by mrbarletta » Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:33 pm

In order to link incomming emails to Opportunities, there should be a way to find OP linked to that email or to the account being search for

Asertiva does this and is very helpful :) thanks great extension

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Re: Show Opportunities Associated to Contact/Account

Post by opacus.jon » Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:12 pm


If the opportunity is linked to one or more contacts, and the search is for the contact's email address, the opportunity will be displayed.

If the extension detects an email address in the search then when searching for opportunities, cases, bugs and projects the search function will look for those records to which the contact with a matching email address is related. For project tasks, the search will look for project tasks related to a project which is related to the contact with the email address being searched for.

As long as a contact is related to these objects and the search is by email address, the record should appear. If not, the opportunity can be searched by name /in addition/ to the email address:;My New Opportunity Name

The search box also supports wild cards:; %y New Opp

(a % is added to the end of non-email address search terms by default)

or even:


which will return all contacts and their up to ten of their related items where the email address contains the string @doe



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