Thundebird/SugarCRM email interaction

What new features would you like to see in the Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Plugin
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Thundebird/SugarCRM email interaction

Post by johnsopaul » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:45 pm

Hi, just a couple of clarifying questions. We chose SugarCRM mostly because of its ability to share biz communications, especially the ability for staff to pickup the thread of a conversation started by another staff member using group email and outbound email templates.
The biggest barrier to SugarCRM use though is the SugarCRM email client which is flakey to say the least.
And so the need for an email plugin like yours which seems excellent at getting both in and outbound email into SugarCRM.
However, it is at this point that I'm struggling with the Opacus business communication flow. Two things in particular as causing us problems.
1. The emails are stored with a status (and type) of "archived". This means that they cannot be replied to (SugarCRM removed the ability to manage the status of email a few versions ago) from within SugarCRM and as a downstream communication channel, pretty much dead to staff other than the initial contact.
Also, there is no indication from an object's (Case, Contact etc.) history whether the email was sent by the business or received.
2. Related to this is the inability to assign an email to another user so that it appears on their SugarCRM homepage email dashlet.

We see the external email client as the initial point of contact for business communications and a way to manage/import any subsequent inbound responses. SugarCRM email client with it's powerful template functions and email sharing is still required for outbound communications.

Are these limitations the intention of the Opacus plugin? or have I missed something? Being able to choose the status of an imported email and assign it to a user would be great additions to the plugin.


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Re: Thundebird/SugarCRM email interaction

Post by opacus.jon » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:07 pm

At present there is no way to assign the email to a different user, but this is something we are looking into for the objects created in the extension (Cases, Contacts etc.), and once that code is written it would be fairly easy to extend it to emails. At the same time we could add the dropdown to change the email type when archived.

We'll update this thread as progress is made, and thanks for the suggestions.


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