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Re: Archive to Contact and Account

Post by opacus.jon » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:37 pm

Not in 1.0.8. To be honest we never thought anybody would want it to be ;)

Here's the behaviour of the auto-archiver in Thunderbird:

If a mail is new, and it's in an inbox and it's not an RSS message, the extension will take the sender's address and the mail subject and perform these checks:

1) It will look to see if the email address or the domain part of the email address matches the excluded domains/email addresses in the preferences. If it finds a match the auto archive will stop.

2) If not, the auto archiver will go on to search for

A Contact with the sender address
A Lead with the sender address
If the search for case by number is selected in the preferences, and a number is found, it will search for a matching Case in SugarCRM.

3) Once the searches are completed, the extension will archive the mail and add relationships to any Leads, Contacts and Cases found. Additionally, if a Contact has been found, the email will be archived to that Contact's parent Account (if it exists).

Just to be clear, you're asking if the final part, where the Account relationship is added, can be turned off?



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