Outlook - archive to contact shows blank in Account view

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Outlook - archive to contact shows blank in Account view

Post by samwhatley » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:27 pm


We're using the lite plugin at the moment, and seeing how things go. We have a little niggle though, and I wonder if it's something we're doing or if it's a known thing with the plugin.

When we archive an e-mail from Outlook 2007 to a contact, the e-mail archives OK, and when you go on the Contact's page you see it in the history.

However, when you look in the account which a contact is part of in SuiteCRM/SugarCRM CE, it shows the e-mail details, but the "Contact" column is blank, so you can't easily see who it refers to.

Is there anything we can do to populate the Contact field, so it shows in an Account history view? The contact person also doesn't show in the edit e-mail screen, so we can't edit and re-save an e-mail archived with Opacus (see below) without manually readding the contact there. Then it shows in the history view.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated, and sorry if this has been covered in the past.

Best regards,
Account History View - Missing Contact Name
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Edit E-mail Page - Missing Contact Name - Can't save without it
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