Could not authenticate with LDAP

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Could not authenticate with LDAP

Post by programmer_gal » Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:04 pm


we are testing opacus for our outlook integration. When using LDAP connection, i get "Could not authenticate" error where as if i use sugar created users vi (not LDAP users) I can connect to SUGAR and perform my authentication. Below is the message logged in log file.

2013-03-08 15:07:16,099 [VSTA_Main] INFO OutlookAddIn.OSOP [(null)] – Atempting LDAP authentication with key:
2013-03-08 15:07:16,100 [VSTA_Main] INFO OutlookAddIn.OSOP [(null)] – userpassEnc = 311ebed87d992753ccd04103efd82399
2013-03-08 15:07:16,536 [VSTA_Main] FATAL OutlookAddIn.OSOP [(null)] – Error logging in: Invalid Login [10] - Login attempt failed please check the username and password
2013-03-08 15:07:16,536 [VSTA_Main] INFO OutlookAddIn.OSOP [(null)] – SessionId = -1
2013-03-08 15:07:16,540 [VSTA_Main] ERROR OutlookAddIn.OSOP [(null)] – Could not authenticate

We don't have LDAP encryption key and works while loging in to sugar. Please help

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Re: Could not authenticate with LDAP

Post by opacus.daniel » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:26 am

You must have an encryption key set in sugarcrm for ldap auth to work over the webservices.

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Re: Could not authenticate with LDAP

Post by jsimek » Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:06 am

There was error in password expression. Something add in hex "00 00 00" to the end of the password in the sugarcrm.

My Active directory cannot authenticate this bad password

I found error here:

find $bind_password = html_entity_decode($password,ENT_QUOTES);

add below add lines:

// JSimek Patch - fix soap authentication for opacus
$bind_password = str_replace("\0", "", $bind_password);

This patch remove unwanted additionals

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