Pre-Purchase Questions

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Pre-Purchase Questions

Post by dgreene » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:13 pm

I tried to send this through the contact form, but it said your server was unavailable. Then tried to register on the opacus website 10 times and the captcha kept saying it was incorrect. Its taken me 10 minutes to try and ask these questions - hopefully i'll get an answer.

I have a couple questions prior to purchase:

1. Pro Licenses. I understand we would need to purchase a license for each user (which is fine) but it appears that the license key is hard coded to the employee name in sugar. Does this mean i have to buy a new license every time an employee leaves and we hire a replacement person?

2. If we setup auto in/out archival to sugar, is there a way to turn off auto contact creation or will it only archive emails that have a matching email address/contact in sugar?

3. Is there a way to deploy this program to multiple computers with pre-configured settings (understanding i need a license for each)? (url,ldap,and other config options would be pre-set)

4. I assume since we use active sync for mobile devices with exchange that all emails that synchronize into outlook (sent from iphones and show up in sent items) will automatically archive as well?

5. when installed, configured and launched, will the module auto archive previously sent/received emails that exist in the mailbox? Or is there something we have to do to make that happen.

6. If you can answer these questions i'm looking to purchase 25 licenses. Is there a quantity discount?

Thank you!

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